About Cohost

With a history that spans more than two decades in the education sector, Multimedia University has undergone countless changes, yet has always maintained its vision and mission to achieve the highest standards of performance in teaching and in the services we offer students, staff and the community.


right-arrow Transforming society through innovation


To inquire, inspire and innovate (I3)

right-arrow Education: Commit to learner-centred and life-long learning

right-arrow Research: Embrace intellectual curiosity to solve real-world problems

right-arrow Entrepreneurship: Create value to the economy and society through technology

Quality Policy

Multimedia University (MMU) as an educational institution is committed to achieve higher customer satisfaction in support of its vision by continuously improving an effective quality management system that complies with the internal and external requirements.


Respect and Care

  • Propagate team spirit and co-operation among staff
  • Practise mutual respect and courtesy in all our dealings and interactions
  • Demonstrate understanding and open-mindedness of all concerns, comments, ideas and feedback received

Uncompromising integrity

  • Be sincere and practise honesty in all of our actions, statements and interpersonal relations with other individuals
  • Demonstrate trustworthiness in carrying out all our duties and responsibilities
  • Approach our work with full dedication
  • Treat all our stakeholders with fairness

Customer Centricity

  • Deliver quality services in a timely manner
  • Keep all our commitments
  • Be responsive
  • Communicate with conviction and professionalism
  • Friendly services


  • Creative exploration in teaching and research
  • Introduce new ideas to improve services, products, processes, and procedures
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