44th WCASET-2023

The “44th World Conference on Applied Science, Engineering & Technology(WCASET)” on 25th & 26th November 2023, in Malaysia, seeks to equip young entrepreneurs, business majors, and leading business professionals with the understanding of why it is necessary to be multifaceted, and how they can become so.

Business persons have to be able to overcome challenges in their organisations at some point or another. These challenges are often related to the coordination of several different business functions or activities. With limited time, business owners must complete the challenges of studying business management to succeed. The sessions at this conference will address the following challenges -

Getting The Right Data
The administrative tasks of running a business can present a challenge for business owners. Administrative tasks typically represent back-office functions that business owners need to complete in addition to generating sales. They have also got to fulfil every legal requirement that’s applicable.

Coordination Of Internal Operations
Managing cash flow remains a challenge for many business owners. Cash flow is the total amount of cash inflows minus the total cash outflows. Entrepreneurs may struggle with this concept if they are unfamiliar with reports or financial statements. Cash management is generally time consuming.

External Market Challenges
External management challenges can include building business relationships, marketing the brand, and creating a competitive advantage. Business connections allow the company to grow and expand its business with the help of vendors and suppliers.

Managing Growth Rates
Business owners may choose to grow their business slowly to limit the number of management challenges. Slow growth also allows a business owner to learn various business management techniques to improve the business operations of his business.

Theme of the conference

Most conferences in this genre seem to harp on endlessly about technical skills while neglecting what truly makes professionals from the applied science, engineering, and technology disciplines, tick - critical thinking. The theme of the two-day 44th WCASET, therefore, is "Discover the Difference and Exceeding the Vision in Applied science, Engineering & Technology Research Studies".

  • Engineering, applied science, and technology are very technical and rely on concise and precise communication between colleagues. But professionals also need to communicate with people outside the domain, like customers and sometimes the general public, who don't have a technical background.

  • It's important that professionals from these disciplines be able to translate their specialist knowledge into terms that people inside and outside your department can understand. Due to the highly technical requirements, communication often proves to be one of the most difficult soft skills for engineers. In this conference, attendees will learn how to break down complexities into digestible words and concepts for their peers and managers through the garnering of -

    Emotional intelligence

    Presentation skills

    Active listening



    Ability to clarify and paraphrase

    Stress tolerance

  • Critical thinking combined with leadership qualities are not skills reserved for managers. Workplaces in the future will be looking for people who demonstrate rational decision-making and responsibility under pressure. Making informed decisions, while being surrounded by tons of fake news and influencing channels is no easy feat. Getting credible information by browsing through various sources will be a highly valued skill in the future. Attending the 44th WCASET will help participants hone this ability.

Scope & Benefits

Participants of the 44th WCASET can look forward to the following when they attend the conference in Kuala Lumpur on the 25th & 26th of November, 2023.

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    Remaining Relevant
    Professionals always need to stay on top of technology trends to stay relevant. The latest technologies seem to be arriving at a rapid pace these days. Potential and current customers view businesses as industry experts in what they seek their business for. Not understanding trends and using the latest technologies will only disconnect entrepreneurs from their audience.

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    Staying Competitive
    Professionals should expect competing brands to use the latest technology to stay on top. For this reason, all professionals must embrace technology trends to stay competitive in the market.

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    Being Able To Retain Clientele
    Implementing the latest technologies to improve the customer experience will keep customers coming back. Professionals should make sure their business succeeds in providing a pleasant and efficient customer experience.

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    Access To Lucrative Opportunities
    Lastly, by keeping up with the latest technology trends professionals can avoid missing out on opportunities. Stubborn professionals that stick to what they know best can lose all the beneficial ways to understand and interact with their customer base.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1.Q. Can you sponsor our travel and accommodation?
Ans: As it is a non-funded event with no sponsors, we are unable to take care of the participant’s travel and accommodation.

2.Q.Will you provide me an invitation letter?
Ans: Yes, an official invitation letter in the conference letterhead will be issued once your registration process is successfully completed.

3. Q. what will be the visa process/fee to enter the host country?
Ans: Participants are requested to take care of the visa process on their own.

4. Q. Can I bring another person to the conference to accompany me?
Ans: Yes, on paying the accompanying person fee, they can join the conference.

5. Q. Can you provide a certificate for the accompanying person?
Ans: No, the certificate won't be provided to the accompanying person unless he is a co-author.

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